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WCAP - About Us

Waukesha Community Arts Project is a nonprofit organization offering free afterschool programs to middle school and high school students. We opened our doors ten years ago teaching visual arts to middle school students two days a week. Since then, we have expanded our reach to provide classes Monday through Friday for our middle schoolers in creative writing, visual arts, drama, and dance. We also offer opportunities for high school students including our Leadership Through the Arts Program.

WCAP strives to create a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment for our students to develop not only artistic skills and creative expression but also social skills, self awareness, confidence, and life long friendships to overcome one of life’s most challenging stages—adolescence.

Many students, parents, school counselors, and community members have witnessed the enormous benefits of having free after school art instruction with such strong community links—a unique aspect of WCAP. We provide ways for students from all walks of life to create their own voice, envision their potential, and imagine the opportunities available to them.

Our Mission

The mission of the Waukesha Community Arts Project is to help adolescents reach their own potential by developing self-expression, creativity, problem-solving skills, leadership skills and community involvement through quality after-school art experiences.

Our Principles

Waukesha Community Arts Project was founded on the following principles
  1. Regular participation in art after-school programming develops original and creative problem-solving skills, along with increasing self-esteem, self-discipline and motivation.
  2. As students learn how to give and receive constructive criticism, freedom of expression is developed for themselves and others. Their interpersonal skills improve and they learn to accept and value different perspectives.
  3. Each art unit will have a community activity/event to facilitate relationships between the youth and its community.
  4. Programming will be free to middle school students to encourage a diverse membership.
  5. Leadership will be encouraged during the middle school arts after-school program’s community activities/events, and the High School Leadership Program.